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Dear reader!
I am Menyhért Horváth, my nickname is Menyus . I have been working as a personal trainer for the Life1 network in Budapest for years.
When it comes to regular, recreational exercise, the Hungarian population is proportionally one of the most inactive nations. A lot of people are averse when it comes to exercising in the gym, most people are held back by unfounded fears to commit to the world of fitness centers:
What will they think of me?
Everyone will be looking at me!
I don't know how the machines work.
For those who are familiar with these fears, I launched the Tesi.tv YouTube channel in October 2022:
An educational vlog
With my educational channel, I want to help those who have never had a place for regular sports in their lives. In my opinion, all fears and aversions can be overcome if we get to know the workings of our own body and the world of gyms at a basic level.
According to my plan, step by step I will introduce the channel's subscribers to the most up-to-date training theory issues. I am driven to explain this material of knowledge to laymen in an understandable way .
For the sake of successful engagement, there must be a stable theoretical basis, so that even people who are involved alone are aware of what and why they are doing.
I confess that regular and high-quality exercise is the true source of eternal youth, and I consider it my mission to make this knowledge accessible to those who cannot spend a large amount of money on personal training each month.
The weekly episodes are a maximum of five to eight minutes long. In today's fast-paced world, lack of time is still high on the list of objections to regular exercise.
My goal is to appeal to the active working-age and senior-intellectual age group , whose lives have not been an integral part of going to the gym.
The joy of a healthy body is beauty
I would like a paradigm shift to take place in relation to physical training: It would be good if the aesthetic appearance was not the primary motivation when it comes to sports, but a result.
Every person should be pain-free, flexible, strong and able to stand .
And the human body that meets these criteria will also provide an aesthetic experience .
Bodybuilding will always have a hardcore following and will continue to play a significant role within the mainstream fitness industry, but if we can get rid of the myth that you can only go to the gym to knead or do cardio on machines, then gyms will become palatable to many more people. his world.
I was delighted to be able to cooperate with the NSO or the Csupasport.hu blog as a coach.
Best regards:
Horváth Menyhért
Personal Trainer
Life1 Food
Phone: +36 20 425 85 08