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It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices

You can download the SmartRow application here:

SmartRow is a high-tech power meter for your WaterRower rowing machine that connects wirelessly to your smartphone/tablet. The electronics inside the SmartRow measure absolute power, distance, power per stroke and calories so you can accurately track your performance.

Analyze your workouts

SmartRow turns the WaterRower into a real laboratory ergometer: it tracks all your training work, which you can analyze later.

Improve your technique

Using the power curve indicator, you can track each stroke: so you can get direct feedback on your technique. Optimize the length, peak power and total energy of your stroke with each stroke!

Track your progress

SmartRow saves all your workouts, personal bests and fitness variables. Track your progress!

Compete with others

Compare performance data with other WaterRower owners from the comfort of your own home, challenge your teammates to an Olympic 2km distance, or simply find your daily motivation by racing the pace boat to beat your personal best!

The SmartRow app is only compatible with WaterRower rowing machine models that include the SmartRow power meter smart device .

The SmartRow application is free to use.